This is the first letter we wrote after my sister Lorle left the Camp of Rivesaltes on November 15, 1941 for Pringy (Haute Savoie), to work in a children’s home, operated by the Swiss Red Cross.

Dear Lorle,[1]

Today I want to write to you also since I have time today because it is Sunday.  Last Sunday we went for a walk to Opoul with the Swiss Schwester [2].  That is at a distance of 10 km from here in the mountains.  It was very pretty. 

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Rivesaltes, 12/28/1941

Dear Lorle,

Now I want to write to you as I have time now.  Today I know a lot about the many celebrations.  The Chanukah celebration was on Thursday a week ago in barrack 33.  It was very nice.  Liselotte took part in a play.  All the teenagers got a package at the end.  In mine there were 2 fig bars, 2 pieces fig bread, 3 crackers and 1 cookie. 

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