My dear Lorle,

I was very happy to receive your letter with Mama’s letter on Friday, especially that I got mail from Mama and news from her about all the things that have happened.  I immediately forwarded the letter to Margot so that she will get it right away.  What have you heard about my joining you?  It will probably take a while longer.  I really don’t know anything to write today, I have to think all the time.  But I have to fill at least one sheet.  What do you get to eat in your place?  Did you already get fresh fruit?  Here our dessert is most often 1 peach and a few times we got a pear, you know, so yellow and juicy.  The same kind that Papa likes to eat so much.  They are very good.  We get carrots to eat.  Underwear disappears quite often.  Almost every Saturday, when I pick up my clean laundry, something else is missing and if one goes to the laundry department to ask, they never have anything.  I just can’t understand where it all winds up.  Everything gets mended very well even when the bottom of pants is torn one gets a new one put in, just like you and Mama used to do it.  Now I don’t know anything anymore.  After all I wrote you a long letter last time and one just can’t write so much each time.  With kindest regards and thousands of kisses,


My dear, good Margot, my dear Child,

I am sitting on my miserable belongings, ready for departure – with Hugo.  Difficult days are lying behind me, and what is ahead?  But the worst  is parting from Papa and from you, my dear children.  I hope that  you will be able to stay where you are und with Papa, you have a refuge and an adviser, write to him often my child and don’t take this parting too hard.  I am glad, that in this way, Hugo also has somebody  and that together we will bear our fate.  Let us hope for the best and trust G-d.  Write often to each other, and to you, Margot, I thank you for all the happiness that you gave me and I ask you, not to think that I love you less than the others.  I know, that you, even if you don’t like to express it, love me with the same devotion as the others.  In the hope that we will see each other again in good health, I kiss you tenderly and send you thousands of regards and bless you, beseeching heaven to send only good things toward you


I sent a report of the first day, I don’t know to whom

I embrace you                                                             MAMA

My dear Sister Margot,

It is time for more wandering.  Mama and I are together since yesterday.  Now we want to be strong and to hold out until our reunion.  Be strong and act according to our dearest parents’ wishes.  1000 regards and kisses from your

Brother HUGO

We will arrange to have the OSE-stuff sent to Papa.  Write him that he should send you or Lorle whatever does not belong to him.  One assumes that he won’t be able to stay much longer.  We forgot to write it to him.

On your 20th birthday, dear child, which I hoped to celebrate in a different way, I wish you all the best and kiss you.