My dear sister Lorle,

Today, since I don’t have to write to anybody, I am writing you a letter in French.  I hope that you will be able to read everything despite my many mistakes.  I can’t yet write well because we haven’t had school in a long time.  Now we have classes again but only one hour and three quarters everyday.  Perhaps I’ll be able to go to Albert for 14 days or three weeks.  I believe that he wrote to our directeur to ask him if I could visit him during my vacation.  But it is not up to our directeur to give permission but it is up to Lyon.  If Lyon gives permission, I can visit him.  I will be happy when I can go to him.  But like always one has to wait.

What do you get to eat in your place?  Here we get almost always carrots or carrots with potatoes.  Do you also have a lot of mur-mur [1].  This morning we went for a walk in the forest and there were many.  Dear Lorle, are you still able to speak English?  I can’t anymore.  I forgot everything.  It just isn’t possible for German, French, English and I don’t know what else to penetrate into my little head.  Now I don’t know anything more for today and I want to wait two or three days, maybe I receive a letter from you because it is already 14 days that I haven’t received a letter from you.  It is also possible that you wrote Mama so that she sends me your letter.   Now I am waiting and last night I did not get a letter either and now I have enough time to finish this letter.  Friday I received a letter from Papa.  He wrote me that the Camp is locked up and that nobody is allowed to go out.  I hope it is only until August 8 as Papa wrote.  Because otherwise Mama won’t be able to go to visit Papa.  What is new in your place?  Write to me when you will also send me a letter in French.  Now I know nothing more.  I believe that I answered all your questions in my other letter.  Maybe I’ll soon be able to stay with you.  But I think it is no because it is always no.  But as always one has to wait.  I end my letter with a hug and 1000 kisses

from your brother


[1] Fruit of the mulberry tree eaten by silk worms.  The village children made fun of us for eating this fruit.