My Dear Lorle,

The same thing happened to me today as to you last week.  I just wrote to you on Friday but I am writing to you again as Mama wrote in full detail about her move and as she doesn’t want to describe it twice, I am supposed to send you the letter.  At the same time I am enclosing a letter from Papa which Mama sent too.  He writes that he feels better and stronger. I am very pleased about that.  Margot will probably be able to leave soon  Too bad she can’t join you.  Albert wasn’t here today.  I half expected that.  Today, on Easter, you too will probably get something special to eat.  This year at Easter and not for Pessach and only bread and no matzos.  There is nothing doing about that.  Hopefully we’ll be able to eat matzos next year and Papa will lead the Seder and Mama will cook and bake.  This morning we got cocoa, a slice of bread and a piece of butter measuring about 1 cm on each side instead of cocoa and pastry, for dinner we got 3 sardines as hors d’oeuvre, after that about 1/4 liter “white” beans (navy), very stiff, and meat with gravy.  After that there was green salad and a boiled egg.  For dessert there was a big piece of cake.  The dough was similar to what we used to bake at home for Saturday but without the raisins.  It was very good but of course not as good as at home.  At 4 o’clock, as always on Sundays, milk, chocolate and 1 slice of bread and tonight there was cereal soup, turnips as much as one needed and for dessert salad, paté and a slice of bread.  I forgot to mention something for dinner today.  There was another slice of bread and 1 liter strong white wine.  One could almost get drunk on it.  I don’t know anything else to write.  After all I just wrote to you in detail and on Friday a postcard so that I just can’t know that much today.  If it only could work out that I could join you, so that you would not be alone and I neither.

With all my love and kisses, your