My dear, sweet, unique, fervently loved Child, my good Frederle,

I am very sorry that I have to burden you with a heartache in today’s letter.  Today I and Hugo are being shipped off.  Don’t take it too hard, perhaps it is for the better.  Papa will remain here and so at least all of you will have a refuge in him.  Most children are alone.  Those who do not come along this time, will follow soon.    These excitements are nerve wracking and so it is better now, if it has to be.  I sent your suit to Papa, write to him that he should send it soon as one can’t postpone anything.  I answered your two nice letters this week.  The letters also for Lorle are probably in the box.  Papa will send them to you.  If you need money write to Papa, I sent him 500 Fr. or to Margot.  You can also write to Lorle.  Uncle Albert won’t abandon you either, write to him if you have a request.  Besides you will soon be with Lorle.  Her directrice assured me of this, so I know you are in good hands.

My dear and good child, take to heart everything we always told you, be well behaved and honest and do good deeds and hate whatever is base, look for good company and avoid the bad.  Let us hope that we will be reunited in good health and then my most tenderly loved youngest we want to compensate you, who have had to suffer so early in life by being deprived of your loving parental home.  With my whole hearted love I kiss you a thousand times and send you many, many regards and bless you beseechingly.


My dearest Manfred,

Today we have to pick up the wanderer’s staff again.  Remain strong so that you will survive these hard times.  You still have Papa as a loyal advisor.  We want to hold out till our victory.  Be strong and steadfast.  With best regards and kisses from your brother Hugo who wishes you all the best and hopes that you soon will be able to join Lorle.  Again regards and kisses from your brother