Sally Neuburger
311e Gr J.E.

My dear Manfred,

Although you haven’t yet written to me, I will send you a few lines.

I have a friend, who was directeur of a Rothchild Home before the war and who, at present, manages a big children’s group in the Château de Chabannes.

I am trying everything so that you can get there in case I am not successful in placing you with Lorle.  I already have an answer from them and addressed a request for placement in the Château de Chabannes to the OSE who is in charge.

Albert is going to visit you.  Tell him what’s in your heart.  He is a good person whom you can trust.

To me write as well about how everything is there.

You may write me everything and air your troubled heart.

You may rely on me that I will not tell anything which would worry our dear ones unnecessarily.

And you know that I will keep my word to you.

Aside from that, it may well be, that you are missing the love which was always bestowed on you from all sides, as you were the baby.  In addition, you are among Spanish children with whom you cannot communicate, to which there is no solution.

I see all that.  But there may be more.  You may turn to me in all confidence and tell me everything, also to Albert and Friedl, who are both  truly good people.

I will have a furlough soon and write, therefore, to Aunt Vita in Grenade s. Adour, Landes, rue du soleil.

I will answer everything for you and if I can help you, I’ll be glad to do it.

With best regards and kisses, your