The directories below are by Manfred and Sylvia, prepared for the DVDs. Not all the DVDs have been uploaded to YouTube. When the DVDs are uploaded to PC, they get split into sections, which I’ve labeled using letters at the end of the titles on YouTube. Some sections, usually part 3, failed to upload to YouTube.
– Nadine, December 2015


(From 8mm movies to VHS tape to DVD to YouTube)

1948 in Brussels

Uncle Schleume (Schleume Weiser, Golde Birnbaum’s brother)

Sylvia Birnbaum with Parents Goldie(Bobonne) and Bernie(Opa)

Golde & Schleume

Girls leaving Lycée L.E.Carter, Sylvia & Jeanine (Geneviève’s mother)

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; Grand’Place; Manneke Pis

1954     Our Wedding in New York, filmed by Schleume Weiser

Albert Reiss & Ellie Levin


Reception: Golde & John Heller Dancing; Jerry Weiser and Janet Underwood (5 years old); Lotte Weiser & Schleume; Goldie & Bernie; Lotte & David Weiser; Benno Weiser & Regina; Lotte & Berne

1954   Our Wedding in New York, filmed by Herbert Kolb

           Dress fitting with Laure Kolb

Manfred writes invitations

Laure & Herbert pick up Sylvia in Jackson Heights

Sylvia in Lotte’s fur jacket – with brother Henry

Albert Reiss, the Best Man

Manfred, Margot and John

Ellie, Maid of Honor and Albert

Goldie, Sylvia and Bernie

Under Chuppah


Dancing: Sylvia and Henry

Ria and John

1954   Honeymoon, from New York to California

Various camping trips

  • Skiing in the Sierra (Reno, Mt. Rose, Sugar Bowl)

Drive to Colorado. Meet Laure & Herbert in Estes Park. Their folding kayak. Herbert & Sylvia Paint. Swimming in cold lake.

1956    We move to Downey. Sylvia pregnant; goes to hospital. Goldie Birnbaum arrives to help with baby Nadine. Manfred prepares formula. Nadine gets vitamins. Goldie gives bath to Nadine. Sylvia feeds cereal to Nadine. Nadine in playpen.

            Trip to New York & New Jersey with Nadine.

Nadine & Becca.

Sylvia’s parents with Nadine in their apartment in Queens.

Nadine in Paramus.

Sylvia’s parents in Paramus.

Herbert & Dog. Lenny (with red jacket) & Mark.

Leaving Idlewild Airport (Now JFK), not on a jet plane

1957   Nadine in bathtub; We assemble our first HiFi kit; Linda Kappeler and Nadine’s first birthday with Doris Kappeler, her husband Frank & Tante Hedwig. (Hedwig Wildmann)

Trip to San Francisco & Monterey

  • Yosemite in winter; Skiing at Badger Pass; “Flood” in Buena Park.

Nadine’s 2nd birthday, with Linda and Harold Rose, Michael Finkelstein, Linda Kappeler, Tante Hedwig and neighborhood kids; Becca and Chucky at Birnbaum’s apt. in Queens. Golde and Bernard Birnbaum, Laure and Herbert.

Chucky’s first birthday: Mark, Lenny, Becca. In the Kolb’s playhouse.

Visit to Death Valley; Chanukah.

1959    This year is edited on the 1959 to 1968 DVD. Some items, like our trip to Minneapolis for a job interview at Honeywell, has been edited out on the 1959 to 1968 DVD.

Nadine’s 3rd Birthday – Bobonne (Goldie Birnbaum) visits; trips to Newport Beach and Santa Monica – Hugo as a baby (Poops) – Brawermans’ visit – Trip to NJ; relatives in Paramus; Nadine and Becca on chicken farm in Vineland – Becca’s 4th birthday.


Hugo in highchair – Nadine in Buena Park – Nadine’s 4th Birthday – Hugo crawling – Buena Park house – The Hellers’ visit – Hugo’s 1st Birthday – October in Paramus


On front lawn in Buena Park – Skiing in Mammoth – Nadine’s 5th Birthday – Tante Laure, Becca and Chucky visit; trip to Sequoia; Hugo’s 2nd Birthday – Trip to Lake Tahoe; at the “Lazy S” Lodge.


Skiing in Southern California – Nadine’s 6th Birthday – Viviane as a baby – Hugo’s 3rd Birthday – Move to Menlo Park – With Grandparents in SF – Henry and Ruth Birnbaum on their honeymoon at our rented house on Los Cerros – First Finkelstein vist


Viviane as baby – Nadine & Hugo paint – Manfred & Sylvia in Lake Tahoe – Nadine & Hugo at Purim – Nadine 7th Birthday – Vivi’s 1st Birthday – With Finkelsteins in Garden Grove – Our lot without house – Our house being built – Hugo’s 4th Birthday – At Continental Garden’s motel – Our new house – Nadine & Hugo in muddy back yard.


In front yard; tent and working – Yosemite – NJ & NY; At the Hellers; Worlds Fair; At the Kolbs with our friends and their kids; In Washington, DC with Bankier kids; Picnic in Connecticut with Maman’s friends and their kids – Hugo fishing in puddle with Peter Tykolski – Disneyland with the Finkelsteins.


Squaw Valley – Viviane in nursery school – Digging our pool – Vivi’s 3rd Birthday – Yosemite: Hiking on Sentinel Dome; On mules –Swimming, with Mark Heller.


Viviane’s 4th Birthday – Yosemite with Arfin kids – In pool, with Frank & Judy Goddard – Kolb kids visit – Yosemite with Finkelsteins:  Big trees; Wawona swim hole; Tenaya lake & Toulomne meadows – Gushy-gushy island – With grandparents, dressed up – Building Succah – Natalie Birnbaum in Fullerton – Thanksgiving and Disneyland.


Skiing at Alpine Meadows – Viviane’s 5th Birthday – The first home video recorder – Canadian Rockies: Canoeing; Hiking; Moraine lake –  NJ & NY: Statue of Liberty; all the cousins.

Eli 1/85 to 8/85

January 85     Los Angeles

Eli Plays at home and in park

March 85        Los Angeles

With Margot & John Heller & Judy Goddard

April 85          Menlo Park

May 85           New Jersey

Laure’s 60th Birthday

With Danya & Arielle Heller and Michael Segal

Mark & Alina Heller, Bruno & Becca Segal, Jay & Nadine

June 85           Menlo Park

July 85            Wawona

August 85       Menlo Park

11/88 to 8/89  Lots of Kids

November 88             Thanksgiving in Menlo Park with the                                                            Finkelsteins, Mark & Stacey & kids, Andy &                                            Beth & Kids, Nadine & Jay & Eli & Ginat

January 89                 In Los Angeles, Ginat’s school, Eli plays soccer

August 89                   In Menlo Park, with Nadine, Jay, Eli & Ginat                                              and Mark Heller, Alina, Danya & Arielle.  In                                            pool. Ginat has broken arm.


                        (From 8mm Videocamera)

November 23, 2000   Preparing turkey with Mira

                                    Evan writes?

Joshua solves puzzles

Mira prepares turkey

Cohen kids jump on front porch

Cohen kids on kitchen floor

November 25, 2000   Laura’s Birthday

May 13,  2002            With Marshall in pool

July 31, 2003              Vivi’s kids & Yona in pool

August 1, 2003           All the kids in pool plus Hugo, Laura & Vivi

August 3, 2003           All the kids in pool plus Hugo, Laura & Vivi

August 17, 2003         At Hugo’s, with Nadine, Ginat & Yona

August 18, 2003         At Hugo’s, with Nadine, Ginat & Yona

August 19, 2003         At Hugo’s, with Nadine, Ginat & Yona

August 20, 2003         Marshall takes bath

August 30, 2003         Vivi’s kids in pool

October 7, 2003         Building Succah at Hugo’s

November  28, 2003  Marshall’s Birthday, Berkeley

May  2, 2004              All the kids at our house

June 20, 2004             Marshall & Leah at our house

June 6, 2005               Marshall & Leah at our house

August  23, 2005        Marshall, Leah & Yona at our house

September 10, 2005   Marshall & Leah in pool

September 25, 2005   Evan, Marshall & Leah at our house

Tape #3

Aug 1, 2004

Hugo, Yona, Marshall in pool

Evan plays labyrinth

November 29, 2003

Marshalls Birthday

Maman tells story of 3 pigs

Laura’s Birthday

May? 2000

Short section in Pajara dunes – NG

November 11, 2006

Mira plays soccer

November 13, 2006

Marshall & Leah at our house;  fire in fireplace

November 14, 2006

Marshall & Leah at our house; rake leaves and play in sandbox

November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving at Vivi’s; Kids put on play; Birthdays

November 29, 2006

At our house; kids play with Jeffrey & Jake

Tape #4

?????  Mira as Helen Keller

Dec 28, 2005

4th day of Hanukah at Vivi’s house;  Day before Bar Mitzvah

Dec 29, Dec 31 2005 & January 1, 2006.

Bar Mitzvah

Tape #5  2006  Full Tape

  June or July, 2006

In Vivi’s pool, with all the kids and Natalie, Rudi, Emma and

July 2006

At our house, in pool with Marshall, Leah, Hugo & Laura

July 4 2006 at Vivi’s

Pool, Leah plays with doll house, baseball in front of house

July 9, 2006

Leah’s birthday at Hugo’s

July 16, 2006

Mira’s birthday at Vivi’s

July 26, 2006

Marshall & Leah at our house

July 29, 2006

Marshall & Leah at our house

August 14, 16 & 19, 2006

River and playing pool

August 30, 2006

At our house, in pool

October 6, 2006

Building Succah at Hugo’s

October 7, 2006

Celebrating Succoth at Vivi’s

STILL PICTURES           2008  February to June

February  Skiing in Squaw

April         Seder at Hugo’s

May          East Coast Trip

Washington, DC

      New York – Eli’s Graduation

New Jersey – Eli’s Graduation Dinner, Mostly People

Long Island – At the Weisers

New York – With Giselle

New York – Eli’s Apartment

New York – Eli at the Metropolitan Museum

Port Washington – Danya’s engagement party

Fairview Bay, Arkansas – At the Hilsenrath’s with

George and Ruth Brawerman

New Jersey – Some more of Eli’s Graduation Dinner – (This ended up, out of place, at the end)