Dear Children,

I got the news from Sally today, Friday afternoon, that the bag left Rivesaltes on the 12th, addressed to you (Lorle).  You’ll probably receive the bag at the same time as this letter.  There were only things without value in the box (bottles etc..) probably some was geganeft.  Some of my things are in it, among other things my brown shirt, a set of underwear and socks, whatever Mama washed for me at the end.  This you can send to me but not the suit.  It is best if you write me first.  I have two night shirts here which I don’t wear.  I could send them to you as they could be remodeled.  I also still have Hugo’s “sapos” which take up room and which I would also like to send.  We’ll do it like this, you’ll write me about the things and I’ll then send you the stuff I have here.  I even have a large piece of wrapping paper which you can reuse then.

Sally thinks that he’ll be on the next transport.  I immediately wrote him and the answer will leave tomorrow with a gentleman of the comité.  I wrote Sally to write me in case he gets shipped out.  Pauline also wants a letter from you, I wrote that you have little time.  But she would be very happy if you wrote her.  Received your letter yesterday and also Margot’s.  The drawing arrived in time, as I already wrote, but it was meant for a man not for a woman as you thought, dear Manfred.  If the school is as hard as you write, you’ll be able to follow.  Just practice the spelling.  We will have to teach you German spelling ourselves.  My health is always the same.  Even if I don’t have as much food as you, I think that I gained a little weight.  It is not necessary to be heavier, the main thing is to be in good health.

Looking forward to news and I close with the best regards and kisses.