Dear Child,

I gather from your letter that you are well and that you like to get mail.  I can quite believe it as I feel exactly like you.  Postage is expensive though and one has to be satisfied with less mail.  Mama will have written to  you that she and Sally were here.  She told me that she sent you a small package including matzos so that you would know a little about Pessach.  This week and the one after Pessach I got quite a nice supplement.  One package arrived from Albert, Mama brought me something and I could exchange my pack of cigarets for 1 kg matzos.  By now I ate everything as my appetite is quite good.  I just started to eat carrots, raw, by biting right into them.  It is a little slow but it works.  One can buy the carrots right here in the ward, also salad, herring and nougat.  Now that I can manage to eat carrots, I buy them as they are cheaper than nougat which is also very nourishing.  For the first few weeks I got 3/4  liter  milk at each meal in the morning and in the afternoon, but very little bread, in addition once in a while noodle soup and Quaker soup.  I don’t get milk anymore since yesterday.  Only about 1/3 in the ward are getting milk.  I don’t know why this reduction occurred.  I get the Quaker food every day except Sunday.  it is very good.  The Quakers have the same cards as the Secours Suisse.  Everybody gets the Quaker food three times a week and the other three days, not everybody.  I am among those who get it every day.  There is rice or farina soup or pea soup on rare occasions.  You are probably right with the woman doctor.  She used to be in the transit section.  She left us last week.  As goodbye, she received a beautiful flower bouquet from the Jews and a thank you letter with all the signatures, Jews and Spaniards and a pretty pin.  All the patients contributed to it.

It is very good that you have to go to school and that you learn languages.  Your German spelling leaves something to be desired, actually it is bad.  You could never become a typesetter.  Well, there is time to think about your profession.  In the meantime, you can think one up.  We hope that the war will be over before you start your career.  Many people do hope that the war will end soon, also the man from the comité who was just here.

Every Wednesday we get a little package from the comité and sometimes even some cash.  For Pessach everyone got 30 Frs.  When Mama came here for the first time, I had already been here for eight weeks.  I don’t know yet when she will be able to come again.  Wolf is in St. Jean for eight days.  He wants to get to Noé but that is not going to work out so soon as he is in a different hospital now.  Karolinchen and Pauline are also in Noé.  They wrote me that it is a little better there than in Gurs.

You don’t have to write to me as often just like the others do it too.  Mama should always send me your letters.  Margot left on Monday.  She wrote me a card from Toulouse.  Let’s see what kind of a Home this is where she went.  She wrote that they are allowed to speak only French.  This way she will learn it and she already knows quite a bit.

It is going to take you a while to read my long letter and my scrawly handwriting.

Kindest regards and kisses,


Do you have drawing in your school?  The shoemaker Löwenstein was  hospitalized today.  He fell and injured his foot.  He was in the same barrack as Hugo which is very good.

Dear Manfred,  Write below the enclosed, started letter, then mail it to Lorle.  When Lorle gets Margot’s address, she should mail the letter to her, Margot again to me and I will then send it to Mama.