Heinrich Wildmann, Hôpital St. Louis, Salle A, Lit 86

My dear Child!

Lorle wrote that she sent you my letter, in which I reported about my well-being.  So you are informed about that.  Likewise I can report the same today: I have no pain, no fever, but I have a good appetite.  When I get something to eat, I eat until I am really full.  It is Pessach this week.  I was downstairs in the theater hall for the first evening.  That is where the Seder was held.  The tables were set in white with plates and glasses.  The Rabbi conducted the Seder with explanations in French.  At the start of the meal he left.  After the meal, there was benschen. [1] During the meal we got 4 matzos and after the meal another 4 lbs. per person.  We still get our bread besides the matzos which makes them a welcome addition for this week.  I did not receive any other packages.  Mama sent me something.  Margot, who is leaving next week, visited me on Saturday and brought me a package along.  She walked the whole way with a few other women.  Did you also get matzos?

Your letters give me much pleasure because they have such a good style.  Continue this way as it is good exercise for writing compositions.  Only the spelling could stand improvement, you should concentrate better with some things.  You probably speak and learn mostly French in school.   Outside of school you most likely are speaking Spanish with the Spanish children.  So you are learning all kinds of languages: German, French, Spanish, English, Yiddish, gibberish.  They speak Spanish in South America, so you should practice in every language, one never knows where to next.  What you know, you know and is easier learned in youth than in old age.  I notice that quite well with me.  Which subjects do you study in your school?  I am pretty satisfied with the food.  I get very good Quaker soup[2] every day.  You don’t just get soup but also other additional dishes.  We will have to wait for this until our Mama is our cook again.  Sally wrote that he went on furlough last week, first to Grenade, then he’ll go to the camp and then he will visit me.  Curious to hear what he knows that’s new.  I sent in the authorization with Margot for Mama and Hugo.  I think that they will be permitted to come within the next few days.  Dear child, you have a birthday in the next few days (April 16).  I congratulate you sincerely herewith, continue to be really good and strive to please your parents and your siblings.  If, in the future, it will not always be possible to be together for birthdays, we do hope that it will soon be possible for all of us to gather around one table.  With all my heart I wish you all the best, that you remain in good health and that you will enjoy your present home.  Enjoy other people and help to please others, as the poet says:

Fill you heart with sunshine

Whether it storms or snows,

Whether clouds obscure the sky

Or the earth is full of strife.

And in closing, heartfelt regards and kisses from


[1] Prayer after the meal.

[2] Soup provided by the Quakers