My dear, darling Manfred,

Your long awaited letter arrived today.  I am glad that things are better for you there than here and that you eat your fill, which is hopefully the case, right?  To make your own bed is not bad at all.  All the other boys in Gurs had to do that and, at home, you always wanted to help.  I sent your letter to Lorle today, she will do her best to see that you can join her.  That’s what we would all like best.  Liselotte does not like it at all in Palavas, she complains a lot in her letters as they don’t eat their fill and freeze.  You are better off, right?  She will be sent to Margot Hierschler, who doesn’t write such terrific letters either.  So it will be best if you stay on the road to Lorle.  We are rehearsing something for Purim.  I’ll report to you about it.  What did you do with the herrings?  Did you eat them cleaned or before cleaning them?  You really travelled far and with the beautiful running water, you can wash yourself , even without your bad Mama pushing you.  How are your fingernails doing?  Do you compete with “Struwelpeter” [1]. Take good care of yourself at all times, stay in good health and be tenderly embraced and kissed from your MAMA who often thinks of you.

Dear Manfred!

We enjoyed your letter tremendously.  Keep writing with so much detail.  Albert wrote that you should visit him, and if that does not work, he will visit you on Sunday.  Great!  And he sent us a picture of the whole family and a nice package with br[2]., cheese, sausage, potato chips, dates.  So kind and the child is blond and cute.  Write him such a nice letter as well.  Today we cooked bean soup.  For each a little red crumb.  Regards,                       MARGOT

[1] German children’s book hero with extra long fingernails and hair

[2] Bread