Enclosure: 1 censored letter

My cute little Fred!

We are having a good day today; a letter from you, from Lorle, Uncle Sally, Albert and 2 little packages.  Then, as I stopped at Hugo’s on the way back, 100 Fr. from Bloch for the class in religion.  We were very happy with your letter and the wonderful drawing of your castle.  Why aren’t you writing anything about the food, you have to write about it in full detail next time.  You can imagine that I am very much interested.  It is most important in order to make me appreciate your stay there.  The 2 Niedermänner left this week, Werner Heibronner was supposed to go with them but could not because of his eyes.  I am going to see the Swiss Schwester about you this week.  Why don’t you write yourself to Lorle’s directrice, like:

Dear Miss de Wilde,

My sister Hannelore Wildmann has been with you since November.  I got here beginning February.  I like it pretty much here.  However, I would prefer to be with my sister as I am very homesick for my family.  My father is in the hospital in Perpignan.  Therefore, my mother has to spend a lot of money for postage to write to everybody.  It would be so much easier if I were with Hannelore as our family would not be so badly torn apart.  Please make the necessary arrangements so that I can join my sister.  I will always be obedient and well behaved and do my best to please you all the time.   I would be very grateful if you would fulfill my request.  Best regards

Your grateful

Manfred Wildmann

Draw a picture on the rest of the page.

The address:    Melle Directrice de Wild

Colonie des Enfants réfugiés – Pringy (Hte Savoie)

Albert wrote today that his wife is going on vacation at Easter and that he will visit you then.  You can tell  him then that he should speak with the directeur if he wants to invite you.  You can tell him what bothers you, he is a good person through and through, he even sends 150 Fr a month for Opa and pocket money to Opa.  He already sent 2 little packages for Papa and for us 12 eggs, bread and today a wonderful little package.   Of the eggs which arrived on Saturday, I could send 2,  and 1/4 bread with Suse (for Papa).  Suse said that Papa looks very good, I am satisfied with that.  Albert sent eggs to Papa too.

As you see, dear child, that dear G’d keeps helping us.  I hope that I will be able to visit Papa now.  We are going to move to (îlot) J this week, the men moved to (îlot) K, have to eat in the refectoire, plates and glasses on the table and the food is also better.  If only our luggage had been shipped already, then we could use you as shomer (guard).  Once we received a great package from Beçanson.  Did you get something extra for cleaning the carrots?  At least you would have been able to eat plenty, at least as many as you cleaned?   The clock was also changed here (to daylight saving).   So we got our coffee when it was still dark.  During the night the barrack near the latrines fell over but nobody came to scavenge.  Now, my dear little Fritz, I chatted a lot and Margot wants to have some room and something to write about.  With the deepest felt regards and a thousand kisses from your

MAMA, who blesses you

Dear Manfred!

Hugo isn’t writing today as he isn’t here.  His swelling is gone and now he is thin.  How are the numbers affixed to your laundry?  Albert is really very nice.  He wrote that his child speaks French and only understands a little German.   Tell your directeur that he should let me come to darn socks.  Does Ilse teach you?  Are you learning Spanish?  Are the children nice or fresh?  On the blank space (left on the letter), you could have described the food, you probably forgot about it.

On Thursday we got a Swiss package (colis-Suisse).  Black olives, a can of honey, peach chips, hazelnuts with shell, jam to cook, and orange paste as before.  On Friday we got fish as a care package.  Mama cooked it just right, delicious and Friday night we ate it cold.  There also was salad and blood sausage or paté.  On Sunday we had potato soup, we  were on the work detail.  Lilo and Irene Freund[1] are supposed to leave tomorrow and Lorri Hoffman.  Maybe to go to Liselotte.  She could buy some stuff at Costabel and send it.  Otherwise she is not getting so much anymore.  On Friday I went to the post office.  A package from Marseilles: 1 man’s shirt, cuff links, 1 pair of men’s shoes and summer shoes.  Mama said that I did not bring anything useful.  Albert put our candy in Papa’s package by mistake.  It is better like that.  We are so happy that he is doing better.  Suse thinks that I won’t recognize him.

Paternoster and Riechh. are on work detail today and they spilled the wine so that we got less.  Löwensteiner stole 2/4 bread from Rösle and flour from Mrs. Weissmann.  Of course, admits nothing.  We’ll see how the move will work out.  Koss and wife and Miss Ausirbel moved to E, to the little room.  We sure have been waiting for Uncle Sally.  On Saturday we got 1 orange at the Oneg.  Those that got one that was bad, got 2.  Write how your Home is on the inside.  At Liselotte’s, they are very observant.  They have Oneg, only get their mail Saturday night, kosher but they get meat and first class food and they have to wash themselves completely with cold water.  You are better off, my little one, don’t you think so.?  I never heard about hot water baths etc..Too bad that you won’t have a Pessach.   Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about it.  We don’t know yet how it will work out here.  Uncle wrote: next year we will all be free.  Let’s hope so as we’ll have Chemsle and Kugel then, and you won’t say anymore, oops, not so much, I don’t like to eat this.  Right?  Liselotte got matzo charlotte.  You can write to Albert what you are doing and how you are and the food you get.  You write us so many beautiful letters, so you can write the same way to Albert.  I always have a lot to sew and Mama has to write sooo much.  I asked how it will be when we are all gone and she is allowed to write only one letter a day.

I have to have my picture taken when the weather is nice again, as I have to take 2 pictures to J66 and my curriculum vitae in French.  Let’s see when I’ll be able to leave.  We just got noodle soup (it has already been better) and now we are getting carrot soup.  Sunday it rained cats and dogs, now the weather seems better.   A…. is still in the infirmary.  Last week a lot of girls got yellow wooden shoes.  I am still getting Sec.-Suisse, mostly ……………cereal, very good.   On Thursdays we get mostly Sauerkraut and then chalva.  Hugo gets very good food and today he cooked  mashed potatoes with milk. Does your directeur speak German?  This week all the stoves were removed because winter is over.  I made 2 bags and a rucksack again.  Where do you store your stuff?  What kind of work does Bertie have to do?  Are there many Spanish girls to help there?  Thea is also getting Sec-Suisse since Saturday.  Ria went to join Lorle.  Now I wrote a lot and hope that you will also write such a long one.  Best regards from


[1] Was with me in the hospital in Perpignan with la gale. Saw her once in New York at an OSE meeting.