Letter from Margot enclosed

My dear, darling Lorle,

Your letter, dear Lorle, like all the mail that I receive from my dear children, brought me much joy.  I am thankful to G’d that you kids are so well placed and that you, dear child, hit it especially well.  If only Manfred’s mendings were in your mending bag.  He would be so happy to be with you.  You should only see the letter with pictures that he drew for Papa’s birthday.  Wonderful, these ideas!  Hugo will describe it, he wants to finish the letter there.  I’m glad that he is here with me, even if only once a week.  For how long yet?  However, I want to enjoy the present.  I even managed to stuff him at noon.  Lentil soup and Bavarian cabbage, would even have been enough yet for Papa, he was so stuffed and me too, a brilliant achievement.  This morning I washed his clothes, they are dry already.  I made him a polo shirt at ORT out of Jules’ very wide shirt with defect.  Jules left for South America.

We received 3 packages from Albert, one from Lyon, one that he ordered from the comité there and one from his vacation.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Papa received a postal money order for 300 Frs from Carlos.W[1].    So there is always something and how often did we discover when the need was greatest, that G’d’s help is closest.  Dear Lorle, as much as I enjoy mail, I find it advisable that you don’t write me a second letter.  First you should not use your free time for correspondence, second you can save the money and write once in a while to Uncle Sally, Opa, Uncle Albert, also once to Mrs Lachowitzki.  The latter is a charming lady whose attentions toward us are most touching and she is quite knowledgeable about our circumstances thanks to Richard Wagner.  The addresses are:

Sally Neuburger                Mdme Kitty Lachowitzki             Albert Rosenfeld

311e T.E.                           B.P. 3                                            8 rue de Castries

Lapeyrade Hlt                   Lectoure (Gers)                             Lyon (Rhône)

A package addressed to Dr. Rosenth (îlot B) arrived with Max Sommer, in 3 parts, completely moldy bread, a few grapes with honey cake crumbs, the inside (1/2 of a baguette) which was quite doughy, seemed not baked through, I gave it away and cooked a bread soup for myself with the rest.  I would not have given it to you but, thank G’d, it did me no harm.

As to the shoulder, one has to understand that for the shoulder not to slope too much, and in order to keep the modern line, it should be like this           not like this

I don’t go anymore at noon (to Sewing) as it was just too much.  This week I need to mend Papa’s underwear.  There is no end to my work.  Hugo will write you more.  I want to prepare coffee for him, pack and heat food as he needs to leave at 5 PM, has to walk 3 hours.  Therefore my most heartfelt regards and a thousand kisses from your


Mrs. Kieser showed me the little picture, you came out best on it, you are sitting so cute and absorbed, just like the photograph I took of you with your knitting.  Your mending bag is full to the brim, good shot.  In my thoughts I kiss you


Dear Lorle,

I got back safely to Barcarès.  As to my transport adventures, I wrote yesterday to Margot in great detail.  You will also get that letter.  On Tuesday, a few girls are expected who will take the letter along.  Hani B and Paula are among them.  Now I want to describe for you Manfred’s birthday letter to Papa.   On top in  the  right  corner are symbols of luck

(mushroom, horseshoe, trefoils)  In my sketch you will see more or less the set up.  The lines represent the text, the little houses with numbers the pictures.  On the back of the page there were also two pictures and text.  Picture 1 was our cooking range with pot, oven, ship[2], mantelpiece, platter on the wall and tile on the floor and in front of it Mama working.  Picture 2: empty  cookie  jar next  to a  bedpost.  Picture 3  birthday  table:   tablecloth,

cup, coffeepot cozy and cake (cheesecake, bund and a bund wreath).  Picture 4: carrot with a small piece of bread.  The pictures are in color.  Simply fabulous.  Our “little man” is quite capable.  I also saw your photograph.  You came out the best on it.  It seems that you have plenty of work.  There are cherries in Rivesaltes but from the kitchen.  Otherwise a kilo costs 18 frs.  Whenever I visit Mama I take some vegetables along so that we can cook something.  When I get leave, we get 1/4 bread and that is the ration for the day off.  Mama is always happy when I come.  So am I when I am able to go.  I brought her seashells.  All sorts and some pretty ones.  All the barrack inmates want some.  As the letter is full, I close with many regards and Kisses.  Your brother


[1] Carlos Wagner, Papa’s cousin in South America.

[2] Part of oven to keep water boiling.