Enclosed 1 censored postcard and 1 censored letter

Dear little Fred!

Now Pessach is also over.  The matzos lasted too.  We each had a little over 2 Kg.  There were even matzo balls twice.  Papa even got bread and matzo in Perpignan.  For Easter, everybody got 2 bars of chocolate.  The children got presents in addition.  I saw children with hoops and wooden toys which they also got for New Year.   Uncle Sally plans to come tomorrow.  He is already on furlough and wrote us that he is on his way to Grenade.  He will spend Saturday and Sunday with us.  On Sunday he also plans to visit Papa.   We already have a permit for him.

I was in the synagogue yesterday with Mama.  The synagogue is now in K2.  A Pole was leading.  How is the weather where you are?  It is quite acceptable here.  Once in a while a day of rain or storm, otherwise sunshine.  When I am up and about around noon, I quickly drop in on our dear ones.  It is not far.  And now, dear little Fred, “Herzegoschel, Zuckerschnudel, Apfelmaüle [1]“. I congratulate you sincerely on your birthday and wish you all the best.  You are already going to be 12 years old.  Next year you will be Bar Mitzvah.  We want to be all together in our own home and free then..  Are we going to bake and catch up on everything.  This year you will still have to be satisfied with less.  Hopefully you are always full.  That is progress compared to last year.  Once again, all the best for your birthday and many regards and kisses from your brother


Dear Manfred!

I wish you lots and lots of good things for your birthday and all the things that you are wishing for yourself.  I am writing in the refectoire as we have to wait until everybody gets here.   We have paper slips which get crossed out at noon and in the evening.  During Pessach we had to bring our own dishes.  Perhaps I’ll get out of here on Monday or Tuesday to go to Beaulieu (Corrèze) in the Boy Scout Home.  It is supposed to be very nice there.  Papa was happy to have both matzo and bread.  Hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate your next birthday and Bar Mitzvah together.  Read Hebrew often so that you will be able to learn your  Parascha easily.  Today we had our fingerprints taken, all 10 fingers.  Walter drew his castle, just like you did.  It is not as big as yours.  Keep drawing everything as we enjoy it and the pictures are quite beautiful.  Let’s see what we will get.  At noon we got leek soup and carrot soup and 1 glass of wine.  During Pessach, we got several times thick spinach.  Mama also made matzo balls and, in the canteen, one could get sauerkraut to go with them.  She made 6 chemsels for Papa.  If you could only have noticed a little bit about Pessach.  Do you get your postage paid  sometimes?   Uncle Sally plans to come tomorrow.  Let’s see if it will finally come true.  ORT was almost discontinued but it is starting again on Monday.  11 Girls from our class are leaving with me and many men have left and will be leaving.  The Hirschlers moved to îlot B27 into the rooms to keep watch over the îlot.  Then she has more room there.  They eat here.  Mama received a permanent voucher for the comité food, one like I have with Sec. Suisse.  For the time being, we often get sauerkraut there.  Old Mrs. Billigheimer died when she got to Perpignan.  During Pessach we were busy cleaning vegetables in the kosher kitchen.  Mrs. Bierig also registered for the kosher meals.  He and she make a lot of waves.

Did you congratulate Opa for his birthday and did you not forget Miriam’s[2]?  We got a little package from Lorle last week.  Ooops, I think that I already wrote you that.  I just don’t know anymore what I wrote and what not as one has to write so many letters.  Everybody likes the green two piece that I knitted for myself.  There are 8 people at our table, Mrs. Wolf, Mrs. Riechlr, Martha H, Mrs. Flegenh.[3], Mrs. Rossmann and Mrs. Lucie Kahn.  Lilo is where Liselotte is. The latter is not homesick anymore.  Well, once again all the best for your birthday and enjoy all the food and watch out.  Do they ganef [4] where you are?  Many heartfelt regards and kisses from


My dear, cute Manfred, my dear far away child!

Now is your birthday.  Maybe we are lucky and you get your birthday package right on your birthday.  That would give me double pleasure.  Well, in any case I congratulate you with all my heart and wish you everything a mother could wish for her child.  I’ll think of you more than usual on that day and in the morning I will press a tender kiss on your cute little face.  With more yearning than ever do I wish that you will be with me again next year and that we will be able to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah, all reunited.  On that occasion you will be allowed to lick the bowls, even to eat the raw dough.  We’ll splurge and feast extravagantly even if we have to schnorr [5] for the money.  Hopefully it will come true.  You just eat everything in your package on your birthday, then nothing will get geganeft.  But don’t get an upset stomach.  Hopefully the shirt will fit you.  We just sewed it together and washed it.  Did we notify you already that we got a wonderful package  thanks to Lorle’s efforts.  We also got a package from Colis-Suisse from her godfather.  From Richard we got nice pants for Hugo and 4 boiled eggs, also a jacket.  He now has 2 jackets, a better one from Albert and now this one to spare the other one.  So G’d always helps us out of our misery.  I still want to leave some room for Uncle.  Accept a tender birthday kiss and many heartfelt regards from your


My dear Ones,  I am now together with your Papa and Mama.  Your Papa is again on his feet.  I congratulate your for your birthday.

Your Uncle SALLY

Heartfelt regards and again congratulations


[1] Untranslatable words of endearment, describing sweets, used by my mother.

[2] Miriam, daughter of Uncle Sally and Aunt Vita.

[3] Mrs. Flegenheimer is Bob’s mother, also John Heller’s cousin.

[4] Steal.

[5] Beg.