My dear, darling Frederle,

This time it took a little longer until I could write to you, my dear child.  However, I don’t think that you worried about it because Papa had instructions to write to you at the beginning of the week.  Hopefully he did it.  I am writing to you and to Lorle at the end of the week so that Hugo can write at the bottom and post the letter which will get to you faster.  I hope that I did not count the chickens before they hatch and that he will come.  I always look forward to his visit.  Now I have been cleaning.  Too bad that you, dear Frederle, can’t admire our beautiful barrack.  In front of the entrance door it looks like in K with an open shed to cook in and next to it a water faucet.  Everything should be ready by now, you just need to pick up Challe and cake at the baker’s.   For lack of these, I put beans to soak so that I have something after he has walked for 3 hours.  For the whole day he only gets his bread but brings vegetables along so that I have something to cook.  Last time he brought fresh sardines which he fried, they are so fat that one just needs to put them in the frying pan where they bake and taste wonderful.  Albert sent the suitcase and three old polo shirts this week.  He will invite you during your vacation.  The children in the OSE Homes are allowed to leave to go on vacation, hopefully you too.  Ask your directeur and if he does not allow it, I will apply at the OSE.  He wants to visit you one of the next few Sundays.  This is not so easy for him as he needs a sauf-conduit [1].

A very nice little package arrived from Mrs. Lachowitzki with beauty cream too.  Pretty pink, I smear it all over so that you will have a beautiful Mama, not such a wrinkled and shrunken one.  At this time quite a few people are being liberated, they mostly work for farmers.  If Papa were in good health, I would have registered for it too because I would like to be together with him.  Let’s see what Hugo has to say tomorrow.  Last time he first went to see Papa.  He thought that he looked better, had gained 3 Kg.  I am happy to hear that the food is better where you are.  All the children are gone from here and those in homes are supposed to be put into OSE Homes.  Supposedly Miss Herman is in Lyon and will get to Grammont.  The names of the children in Grammont were taken.  It is not going to be easy for you to be with Lorle as Toulouse answered me that first the children have to be taken out of the camps.  Up till now this was also the case for the Jewish children.  Let’s wait a while as you can manage where you are.  What are you wearing in this hot weather?  If you go to Lyon, I will send your good suit to Uncle Albert so that you can take it with you.  I am already happy as you will like it there.  He likes children.  You know that he is Bonna and Rosel’s[2] brother.  The latter was at our Bar Mitzvah.  It would be good for you.  Did you already get fresh fruit?  We received 2-3 times 15 cherries and this week twice 2 peaches.  Now, my dear Frederle, I told you a lot.  Hugo will also write some.  With my most tender regards and a thousand-thousand hearty kisses from your


PS:  Rosenzweig came back on Tuesday.  Let me write you a few of her pearls of wisdom.  He is outside cooking while she sings his praise: “He is like this, everything is like this, also his child.”! “He can never get lost as one always needs water, gas and light”.  “My husband is a jewel” and so on.  Then a hymn to Lore (Rosenzweig) is sung.  (If I could only see you laughing at this!)

Today, Manfred, I received  with great pleasure, your letter of the 5th of this month.  The picture is pretty.  If you only had to do without vegetables more often, my dear!

Dear little Fred,

Today I am writing you on a separate sheet.  Mama wrote too much so that I had no more room.  That does not matter as you’ll have more to read that way and I’ll post the letter anyhow on my way.  Then it can be more than one sheet.  I am still at Barcarès, nobody  knows for how  long yet.   When I come home, dear Mama has the  coffee  ready.

Just like at home when we expected a visitor.  When will she be able to cook for everybody again?  I brought green beans along which made first rate cooked vegetables.  Margot used to consume enormous quantities back home.  There are already peaches here.  I brought along one kg (8 Frs). also very small pears very sweet for 15 Frs. per kilo but

not larger than this and also this shape.  You sure sent a beautiful drawing.  I think you’ll become a painter yet.  It seems that the food is better at your place now too.  It is also somewhat better in Barcarès than in Camp.  I still cook some vegetables for myself.  I don’t have to work much.  I am the barber and in addition I clean one room.  The best would be if we finally had peace again so that we can be reunited.  You know how Mama would then cook and bake.  And how you as Benjamin would lick the bowls.  The sooner the better.  I want to finish as Mama just came back from the refectoire.  Many regards and kisses

From your Brother HUGO

[1] Safe-conduct.

[2] Rosel Schlachter .