My dear, darling Frederle,

Although I did not receive any mail from you during the week, I want to start a letter for you as I have the opportunity to send it to Papa so that he can add to it because I know how happy you are if Papa writes to you as well.  I always send your letters to him and hope to be allowed to visit him next Thursday.  I wrote to the others too.  Margot will send you the letter.  Did you inquire about a visit to Lorle’s?  She can give you some money, I sent her 100 Frs.  Dr. Malkin left, he is supposed to be in Lyon and you are supposed to be admitted to an OSE home.  It does not seem likely that you will be able to stay with Lorle because first the children of the Camp need to get out.  In this case they are the Spaniards.  You just have to be satisfied as things are and I know that you are, my good little Fritz; you have shown already how brave you are.  I want to see when Albert will visit you.  He will invite you during your vacation.  I am very happy about it.  Last time Hugo added to the letter.  I always look forward to his coming.  Now I want to sew and shall leave the greater portion for Papa to write.  How do you manage with your clothes?  With my heartfelt regards and many, many kisses from your


My dear Manfred,

I received the letter from Mama today.  I therefore will include the graphology character evaluation another time so that this letter does not get too heavy.  For your handwriting it says: “The boy is energetic, punctual, soft-hearted, cheerful, believes in G’d, loves animals, loves nature, is of average intelligence.  A practical profession would be best for him.”

Lorle will send you several letters from Margot.  If you can, keep them well until you have an opportunity to return them because they cost double postage.  Hugo visited me today for a brief moment.  He and 10 other men are being sent to a village to farm, supposedly for 8 days of apricot picking.  The transport which was supposed to take him to that Home[1] left yesterday.  Perhaps he can be included another time.

Kind regards and Kisses


It is possible that you won’t get Margot’s letters from Lorle for some time.  I had to send them “Registered” because the postmaster would not accept them as double letters.  If sent as several separate personal letters, the postage would have been just as high and it would have taken several weeks before they were all sent.  Perhaps it will be possible for you to get together in the near future.  I also received a letter from Opa.

[1] Home for children or young adults.