My dear, cute Manfred,

I heard that a woman whose name I don’t know from Bar. #37 is leaving for Grammont.  So I quickly made a little something for the taste buds with grape sugar and nuts (could have used you to chop) instead of cake.  It is little but from the bottom of my heart, enjoy it.  It is frightfully hot today, it has never been so hot.  It is frightful at night, almost nobody is able to sleep because of the many bedbugs, by contrast, the fleas in B were quite acceptable, big and tiny ones.  Mrs. Wolf and I were spared until now but last night it was terrible.  What will we have to bear yet?  Be glad that you are not here anymore, I am happy that you are spared this plague.

Hugo was here again yesterday, he likes it pretty well.  He is in Thiers since Thursday, in a castle where he has the task of straightening out with 10 others, he likes it pretty well, it is 12 km from Perpignan.  There was a fire in Barcarès on Friday, 3 barracks burned down.  Reinheimer (the wood thief and stove manufacturer) made a fire in one of the barracks and the wind spread it.  He was locked up.  Many people’s luggage burned, he (Hugo) was lucky.  He usually brings along vegetables.   I also got direct news from Margot, Dorle Landsmann came to visit her mother.  Her father died in South America so that she received a furlough, brought me the colorful pullover.  It is quite nice and fits pretty well.  I’ll be allowed to visit Papa on Thursday, too bad that you can’t pitapat next to me.  I still want to deliver the letter.  Therefore, most tender regards and a thousand kisses from